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  1. I’m so excited to be following your blog! I sent this link to my daughter too. Thank you for the great advice with the Plums!!!

    • Thanks Vicki- I will try to get the article posted tomorrow. It also occurs to me that my mother’s Rotegrutze recipe might be adapted to plums and raspberries, which are both in season! It’s a German fruit pudding. I think all she does is stew and sweeten fruit, then mix fruit juice with cornstarch and cook. Not too sweet and a childhood favorite with milk or cream.

  2. Hi

    SBC graduate, friend of Marie L. I think I loaned you a washcloth in Paris…I remember served kiwi and ham in NYC – first time I saw kiwi. I live in Rockville Md. I would love to catch up someday. My husband is 1/2 french and plays guitar. I garden somewhat – I found a rosemary that winters well. Deer don’t eat lavender!!


    • Vague memories- was that when I maced the crazy man who assaulted her? We are near Easton, and we are musicians, so it would be fun. Rosemary does pretty well on the Shore, and I recently read that one should always use it when grilling meat as it counteracts or deactivates the carcinogens!

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