How to find what you need on this website

crossbowThe best way to find what you want is to use the Search box or hit the Topics button at the top right under the toolbar. The dropdown menu will show you all the categories.  Sometimes the Search box takes me right where I wanted to go, and sometimes I wonder what it had for breakfast. Categories is a little more straightforward.

If what you really want is just ideas of what you could be doing in a given month, bearing in mind that I am writing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which is zone 7, and really more like 7b, because we are maritime, go to the dropdown menu for What’s Going On This Month. That will take you to archived posts for that month.

 Because this is a blog, which means I write about things as I do them, the only thing you see when you hit the homepage is the latest post, which might make you think that was the only thing I ever write about. But there are tons of articles just out of sight! Please don’t just give up- I write a lot.

You can sign up for the newsletter and I will send you extra stuff- recipes, additional articles, whatever- I just sent out my thoughts on how to become a better onion grower.

So if you are looking for information on how to prune an apple tree, go to apples or pruning, and the search box should show you all my related posts. Beware of the deer postings- there are a lot of gory how-to photos. Nothing compared to the slaughterhouses that produce the steaks in your local grocery store, but still, people have forgotten this.

I am really taking time to make sure that each article has all the keywords attached to it I can think of, but sometimes I realize there’s another way to look at it, so if you see something I could do better, please comment. The whole point of this for me is that it is interactive, so we can share with each other. I want to eventually turn this material into a book, so you can be part of making sure it is a good one!

7 thoughts on “How to find what you need on this website

  1. Good Morning,

    My name is Sapan and I am a public health educator for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human services. I would like to request to use an image on your website. I wanted to know how that would be possible? I will give credit to whomever took the picture.

    Thank you for your help,

    Sapan Kapadia

    • Sorry I did not reply earlier- we were in South America researching peppers! Which image? Almost everything in this website was personally taken by the author so it is likely that we have the rights to what you want.

      • Noticing that you are referring to Women and Chainsaws, the pictures were taken mostly by me and some by my niece. She is a minor so I would also need to get her parents’ consent if she is in the photo you want.

  2. woa, amazing, your crossbow is great, but I have some questions to ask you. What is the main difference between a regular and a pistol crossbow?

    I’m waiting for your answer.
    thank you
    ~ Leo

    • Size and power, besides how you shoot it. The pistol crossbow I have is great for target practice and games, but there are better ones that are really usable. My crossbow is pretty lethal, but at 400 lbs shooting power it is really too much for me. I can cock the pistol crossbow I have by hand. For the big mama, I tried a cocking rope, but I’m just not tall enough to use my leg muscles and my upper body strength as a woman is not quite there. Maybe now, as I’m in Ecuador hossing rocks….anyway I had a crank put on it, but that makes a noise and is a little cumbersome. I really haven’t found it usable for me to get good on. I plan on selling it and buying a lighter model, maybe a youth model at 150lbs. But if you have those upper body muscles, this thing will send a bolt through a deer and keep on going.

  3. I have to admit that I have a little bit of a crush on your blog. The topics discussed seem to be so like-minded to my interests. It’s good to see somebody posting about things that I’m into.

    Keep it up. Love it.

    • Why, thank you. As I was telling some of the folks that respond to my blog, I have not been adding to Glory Garden much right now because I am doing a project in Ecuador right now which takes a huge amount of energy, but I think you would understand why I love it. We have taken a wild, rocky piece of property next to a tumbling, noisy river and are creating gardens. Maryland is so gentle and civilized by comparison. I tell my worker not to throw the stones off the cliff because to me they are precious; en mi finca en los EEUU no hay ningun piedra! If you are jonesing for new material, I could let you see, but I warn you, it is not ready for prime time.

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